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Dark Whispers

Hailing from Lausanne, Switzerland, Dark Whispers emerged in 2016 as an alternative rock band. The lineup consists of Kelly (lead vocals, guitar), Sebastien (guitar), Camille (backing vocals, keyboards), Nico (bass), and Laura (drums).

 Their debut album, « Kill Me, » dropped in October 2018, setting the stage for a journey marked by introspective lyrics and haunting melodies. In October 2021, Dark Whispers released their second album, « Timeless, » featuring hits like « Holding the Wasted » and « King Of My Kingdom. »

 In June 2022, the band unveiled the music video for « You, » showcasing their artistic evolution. Fast forward to April 2023, Dark Whispers hit the Conatus Studio again, this time for their EP « VOID, » accompanied by the videos for « Awoken Nightmares » (September 1) and « The Invisible Guest » (November 15).

 Their dynamic live presence was felt at the Paillote Festival on September 16, 2023, alongside gigs like Rock’n’Truc in Geneva and Zelig in Lausanne.

 Dark Whispers continues to carve their path in the alternative scene, blending raw emotion with a distinct musical flair.