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Void album cover
Release Date : TBA
Format : CD
VOID is the first EP of Dark Whispers and was released on . All songs of VOID were written and performed by Kelly (lead vocal, backing vocals, guitar, keyboards), Sebastien (guitar), Nicolas (Bass), Camille (Keyboard) and Laura (Drums). It was recorded and mixed at the Conatus studio by Vladimir Cochet.



Every night I fall in this street
Dark and so long that I don’t want to sleep
Take me out of this nightmare
Away from this situation I can’t bare

Open your eyes and see that this is real
The hole in your chest has been filled with steel
Can’t think, can’t ear anymore
it seems there’s something else that controls
Bones are cracked and even my soul
Seems to be gone or to be torn

Smiles on my face erase everything for you
I can wait to be alone to stop
faking every single laugh of mine isn’t really true

You can’t explain what’s happening to me.
You’ll never escape!

Scars on my face finally revealed the truth
This lifeless body explains everything to you

Next time you’ll try to understand instead of digging a grave.


You have a curious mind, I can tell 🙂