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Void album cover
Release Date : TBA
Format : CD
VOID is the first EP of Dark Whispers and was released on . All songs of VOID were written and performed by Kelly (lead vocal, backing vocals, guitar, keyboards), Sebastien (guitar), Nicolas (Bass), Camille (Keyboard) and Laura (Drums). It was recorded and mixed at the Conatus studio by Vladimir Cochet.



Every night I fall in this street
Dark and so long that I don’t want to sleep
Take me out of this nightmare
Away from this situation I can’t bare

Open your eyes and see that this is real
The hole in your chest has been filled with steel
Can’t think, can’t ear anymore
it seems there’s something else that controls
Bones are cracked and even my soul
Seems to be gone or to be torn

Smiles on my face erase everything for you
I can wait to be alone to stop
faking every single laugh of mine isn’t really true

You can’t explain what’s happening to me.
You’ll never escape!

Scars on my face finally revealed the truth
This lifeless body explains everything to you

Next time you’ll try to understand instead of digging a grave.


I stare at you with a disgusting look
 Evil thoughts in my mind are really spooky
 Anger and hate swell my veins with blood

 Breaking point is when you come to me
 Explaining things I don’t believe
 You won’t take control over me
 So bleed

 With this poison in my head I fall
 It takes my breath it makes me lose control
 ‘Cause I don’t want to be just the slave of a creature that grows inside of me
 I can’t heal the wound that’s been created in me

 I’m not that ugly but my home is your head.
 I am mrs hyde but sexier, better choose me than to be dead
 You think you’re free but you’re mine
 I could kill you. Oh my god you seem so blind.

With this demon in my veins I fall
 I can’t stop him ‘cause I have lost control
 ‘Cause I thought I was brave but madness turned kindness into insanity.
 Killing myself is the only way to stop him from wrecking me.
 Never again!


I know that I should write something everyone will love
 ‘Cause you don’t just want to watch me you also want a happy girl
 But the truth is there are things that my smile just cannot hide
 There’s a hole in my heart and a tumor in my pride
 And I keep saying that there are voices in my head
 Trust me you won’t survive a single day in my brain
 There are dark things you won’t explain looking at me
 You don’t really want to know if I’m your friend or an enemy

 Every word that I say is just another lie
 And the feelings in my chest I just want to make them die
 You say that I’m perfect, but it doesn’t feels right
 ‘Cause the problem is that I’m constantly tight
 In a life too short and too long at the same time
 That runs in circle every and every night
 I’m so scared ‘cause I feel I’m going mad
 Please make the voices stop ‘cause I just need to…

 Explosion in my brain
 Don’t wanna live in my head
 Don’t say that this is my fate
 ‘Cause I need to know my ache is gonna …
 Deliver me from the pain
 Don’t wanna live in this hell
 And I’m not lying when I say
 That my own self is the worst thing I hate

I’ve got the feeling that my life won’t last much longer.
 It makes my mother sad, it makes me feel I’m a failure.
 I’m just a broken dolll ‘cause I don’t see me in a life
 Too high, too bright, maybe I’m not that smart.
 I’m addicted to the pain, am I a psychopath or a therapist?
 I think it’s safe to say I’m a fatalist.
 It’s easier to say that life is painful than hoping for an escape
 ‘cause we are stuck in this fate

Sick of smiling and keep pretending
 I won’t be lying anymore