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Release Date : October 30, 2021
Format : CD
TIMELESS is the second studio album of Dark Whispers and was released on October 30, 2021. All songs of the album were written and performed by Kelly (lead vocal, backing vocals, guitar, keyboards), Sebastien (guitar), Nicolas (Bass), Camille (Keyboard) and Laura (Drums). It was recorded and mixed at the Conatus studio by Vladimir Cochet.



I’m the one in your dreams that whispers to your ears and wanna make you stay (wanna make you stay).
I’m the one inside your brain that you can’t let go but you still do hate.

Look in the mirror and tell me that you don’t need me (you can’t pretend and you can’t feign)
Look in the mirror and tell me what you see…
…The monster you’ve become not because of me.

There’s something inside of me that’s hurting me, torturing me and driving me insane (insane). Don’t let me fall apart.
The victim of this tragedy is not the one who is persecuted, it’s the one who bleeds and stays alone. It’s me!

My fascination became an obsession, you made me a slave of your steps.
Your smile, your face even the smell of your hair can’t be burnt from my mind
I’m a prisoner.

Look at me and tell me you don’t have any pity on me (just too perfect to be forgotten).
Look at me and tell me that you don’t feel anything for me (if it’s so then take my life away).

Don’t you see, I don’t wanna frighten you, but there’s some link between you and me that invades my mind and breaks my bones and it drives me insane.

Don’t turn your back on me, now look at me.


Come on let’s get high, let’s get numb ‘cause I wanna try… (something new)
You know I’m this kind of girl who gets bored if she doesn’t try.
Now that my mind is blurred and my fingers can’t react anymore.
I’m gonna tell you why I wake up every morning on the floor.

This attraction creates in me a frenzy that never flies away, it paralyzes me.
Don’t ask me to stop destroying myself ’cause it’s in my veins, it’s invading my brain.

I know it’s killing me but I can’t do without.
It grew in me slowly until it took control of me.

This addiction consumes me, it burns in me and destroys everything, it paralyzes me. Don’t try to follow me ‘cause this shit has been killing me, it has finally left my brain.


I’m so tired of having this horrid feeling
The one that says that nobody wants you
I’m fed up with people who say to me
« You’re so great, so good but you don’t have luck »

Stop with your damn words, start with some actions.
I don’t even see the point of telling me those things.
I’m so tired of having this fucking feeling
It won’t stop, it can’t stop but I need to.

‘cause it’s not only in my head. Yes it’s true I can feel it.
I’m cursed but I never fall, ‘cause it’s so much fun to play when you’re not dead.

I can feel it in my bones, it’s something I can’t control.
I’m not dead, or not yet but I know that your blows will never make me give up, no.

I’m so sad but I don’t want you to see this in me
‘Cause you don’t deserve to have this power on me
You sould go fuck yourself but I’m too polite to tell you
You don’t even deserve it

STOP with your pardon, START by shutting up
I don’t even want to hear your voice or see your face
I’m so destroyed but you don’t even need to say
« I’m sorry, forgive me » ‘Cause I don’t need this



You play the game but then there is nothing left at all.
You pray, you say that maybe it was your fate, to lose it all.

So you drink, you think and take another drink again.
You want the fame but then in the end you fail, so you try to disappear.

Tell me what do you hear in this song? ‘Cause they don’t know I’m weak, ‘cause they don’t know I’m fake.
Do you see the smile on my face? ‘Cause they don’t see the pain, ‘cause they don’t feel the hate.

Everybody jumps, drinks, smokes and dances but they’ll never know, never know that I’m dead.
Can you hear the sound of my pain? ‘Cause you don’t wanna hear, ‘cause you just want me to be great.

I wake up in the morning with these guys but with no memories. But once I’m home and alone again I feel so dead.


My mind was getting so cold, that I couldn’t know if it was better to try to hold
on or to simply just give up.
My happiness was getting so small, that it was hard for me to understand why my life should go on, from this nightmare I wanted to wake up.
Sadness, insanity and tears had taking control, for too long

Since I’ve met you I’ve never felt so strong , ‘cause now I am finally breathing
(‘cause sadness must have an end)
Finally living (‘cause maybe everything must have an end).
You are everything I ever needed, and I don’t think that this would ever change
(but you don’t know him that much)
That this could ever hurt me (you trust him a little too much)

Everything changed this one day when I found out about your cave.
I wish I had never found those words that lead me straight to my grave.

Since I’ve known you, I’ve never felt so down,
‘cause I can’t live anymore in this cage (‘cause girl you can’t trust all men), breathe in this place (Mom told you not to trust everyone).

You were everything I ever needed, I never thought that this could have changed
(You didn’t know who he was)
That this could have hurt me that much (oouhhh) « I wanna make you mine ».

I don’t feel sorry for killing you
‘Cause now I am finally breathing (my fingers dance on your skin)
Finally Living (your breath in mine, your mind in my soul)
All I wanted was to enter your mind

All I wanted was to hold your hand (beauty vanishes quickly)
While you are dead (I promise our love will never end)
I finally made you mine


10 am, I open my eyes but there’s nothing good (here).
I spent the last three months drunk and ignoring the truth (ignoring the truth)
I feel dirty and I need you to hear me now (to hear me now).
It was only for a night but now it’s usual (it’s usual).

Can you tell me, what you see,
If you look at me (look at me) ?
I’m not really proud you know. I said….

It was only for one night,
But then the dark made me love the enemy (enemy)
It was only ‘cause I didn’t mind
But then my mind made me think that I was maybe worse than this…

Pretty girl, that this serious girl, than myself (myself)
I don’t want to sin, but maybe it’s too late to change (maybe it’s too late to change).

Break me, ‘cause I just need this
Slap me, ‘cause I just need to wake up
Boys or toys, it was the same thing when they were my slaves
But it’s not funny anymore, I need sometimes to be ignored. I said….


Do you think that it’s hard to breathe with something stuck in your body?
And I really want to know: “What do you think about being defiled just because you’re weaker?”

So just shut up for god’s sake ‘cause I’m trying to find a way to blame you more than the way your memory is killing me (killing me).
I’m no longer that weak, I’ll make you feel so weak, ‘cause you took my life away when I was only a child.

You really don’t see what you’ve made of me.
I’m sure I’m not the only one, so I’ll do it for all the other ones.

Now, I’ll take my revenge. You shouldn’t sleep.
You’ll get what you deserve, don’t breathe.

You can take my breath away, you can make me wanna die, you can destroy my entire life but you won’t get out of here alive.

Do you think that it’s hard to breathe with someone stuck in your body?
And I really want to tell you that you can die alone, I would spit on your grave.
You don’t deserve to live if you destroy everyone else’s life.

Do you think that it’s hard to breathe with something stuck in your body?
And I really want to know: “What do you think about the fact that I’m going to take your life?”

Now, I’ve taken my revenge, you won’t sleep. You got what you deserved, you don’t breathe.

You can take my breath away, you can make me wanna die, you can destroy my entire life but you won’t get someone else’s life.


You wanna move, you wanna dance, you don’t wanna rock’n’roll
You wanna pop rock my sound, you wanna make me yours
Yeah you want my song to sound like every other song
You wanna break my soul you wanna break my heart you wanna, you wanna…
You don’t really want me babe.

‘Cause there’s this feeling that everything has been done before
And I don’t wanna feel like someone else just to please you, no!

(Don’t give up) You’ll never win this game
(Don’t give up) I’m never gonna change
(Don’t give up) ‘Cause changing will just break my mind and I will never sing again
(Hey ! hey ! hey, come on girl !)

(Don’t give up) You can say anything you know
(Don’t give up) I’ll just play rock’n’roll.
(Don’t give up) It’s okay if you just…

Let go, leave me alone ‘cause you don’t understand ‘cause you’ll never feel the real show that makes you so…
Mmmh the others know what I mean!

You know this feeling that the bass is exploding your chest and piano that sounds so… so sexy and the guitar that makes you feel so high
And the drum that kicks your ass and makes you wanna move all night (all night)
But you know I’m not talking about electronic crap , I mean more a guitar solo.

(Don’t give up) You’ll never win this game
(Don’t give up) I’m never gonna change
(Don’t give up) ‘Cause you just want me to be famous before giving me the fame
(Hey ! hey ! hey, come on girl !)

(Don’t give up) You can say anything you know
(Don’t give up) I don’t need your fake admiration
(Don’t give up) I don’t need this funking system


This cold outside breaks my bones and my mind.
‘Cause I’m lost without you and your silence deafens me.
I’m losing control and you don’t say anything at all.
You just stay worldless, but I can’t go on anymore.

Speak to me, ‘cause it hurts so much. Just tell me that what I think is wrong
And hold me, ‘cause I don’t wanna feel so down.
I can’t believe you, tell me: “What’s wrong between us?”

Leave me, ‘cause I don’t feel there is any way out for us.
You’re just killing me, you’re just destroying me.

Speak to me, ‘cause it hurts so much. Just tell me that what I think is wrong
And hold me, ‘cause I don’t wanna feel so down.
I can’t believe you, tell me what’s wrong between us?

Hold me back, ‘cause I’m leaving you,
Just say something ‘cause I’m giving up on you, giving up on us.
Just explain to me, ‘cause I need to know, ‘cause I need to…


Goodbye to the memories of broken hearts.
‘Cause I can’t feel the taste anymore of my open scars.
Even my fear has gone since my air has been replaced by your breath.
I’ve got nothing to worry about, I have no pain to face out.

Please tell me that I am not dreaming ‘cause this night feels so good.
I’m the queen of a king and I leave the corpse of the past behind me
(‘cause you already felt enough pain, it is just behind you)

You can say anything, I promise you that life is better with you.
You’re the king of my kingdom and I let you read my hidden feelings.

I know it’s easier to smile to the darkness than smile to the light.
Maybe it sounds kinda weird but it’s the feeling that I’ve got right now.
Everybody loves the pain and it’s hard to say when your heart is fine.
‘Cause you don’t know when it will stop, ’cause you don’t know when you’ll feel it again.

My hands in yours, your eyes on me.


There is a light above me calling me and warning me that the curse will occur when I least suspect it. I try to run, I try to flee but it is useless to resist, this power is stronger than me (You don’t control it)

Why do I have to be a slave of it, of this monster. I’m only an object that tries to take control in vain.

It hurts me so much when the transformation begins but then I feel this force, this power in me. Blinded by this monster, I’m losing humanity, just want to recover my life, my will, myself.

I can’t explain why I’m killing those people. I can’t explain why I’m always so hungry. There is always a voice speaking inside of me that guides me and uses me.
It is only at night when the sky becomes dark that my skin becomes cold and my hands shiver because I know what I’ll do tonight.

It hurts me so much when the sun rises I start to see all the terrible things I’ve done this night but I was too blind to see…
That I’m not myself anymore, the tool of something stronger than me,
That knows all the things I’ve done or I would have done in my life.

I was just a kid (when I dreamt of the law)
I was just thirty (when I became a judge)
So many people died because of me
And death penalty is not a game to me

It hurts me so much when I count all the lives taken by me
This spiral of death had twisted reality
Today I’m the one in fear, because blood on your hands never disappear
I wish I could forget my life, my will, myself.


I’m so scared
Of myself
Of the people around me
Of everything

You look at me, you find me pretty.
You don’t know what I’m thinking
You don’t know why I’m suffering ‘cause you only think of your own dreams
And that makes me sick, so sick, of all of you, of all of them that I don’t want to look at them, that I don’t want..

To live in a life when I’m always afraid of going down, going out, every time I cross the line
Every time I try to hide something
I don’t want to feel like hitting the floor, every time I close my eyes.

Because there is something I can’t keep
There is a dark road for reaching my dreams
I’m too scared to let you go
I’m too scared to let you in

People are more and more selfish.
I just wanna close my eyes I just wanna leave this place.
And I just want to say: “GO”

Go ! Run ! Escape this world ‘cause it’s crushin’ my words.
(And I don’t think it will become better).

Go ! Run ! Escape my words ‘cause it’s crushin’ our world.
(And I don’t think you can save me)